Incandescent Salt Mine | Kat

Hey there! I’m Kat. I’m a 27-year-old writer, photographer, student, and mom from Michigan!

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to blog about.

It took a while to navigate this, and I’m not nearly done. I want to write it all. For now, I’ve decided to stick to writing about writing- book reviews and recommendations, doodles with quotes from books (and movies, and stuff I learned in classes), and maybe someday, some stuff about my own writing.

Someday, I might change the name of this website. If I publish, like I intend to, I may shift gears to have a website with all of my written work and everything related to that in my name or pen name.

I wish I could say that Incandescent Salt Mine popped out of my skull fully formed like Athena, but it was a little more difficult than that.

I chose this name because I love the word “incandescent” and because it’s part of my favorite quote, featured as my tagline, “Completely and perfectly and incandescently happy.” (a Jane Austen quote, beloved by a girl who has never read any Jane Austen- I’ll apologize in advance for that)

I used “salt mine” because I adore salt. It started with a medical treatment and culminated in me seeing the salt flats in Utah with all of the starry eyes you’d imagine. These words don’t go together, but that’s okay. Not everything has to be a perfect fit.

This website, like me, is a work in progress.

Some “fun facts” about me:

  • My daughter is my favorite person in the world, I love spending time with her. She’s a little bookworm like I always was, she loves to read. She reads every single day.
  • I’m a full time student- I’m studying nursing, psychology, and public health. The intersection of these three fields is something that I find myself drawn to.
  • I’m a medical encyclopedia- I’ve had a huge interest in healthcare, medicine, and pathology for as long as I can remember. School has only added to my passion and knowledge base.
  • I love the mountains and the oceans, they set my soul on fire.
  • I got my first DSLR with all of the money to my name after graduating high school. I started taking pictures when I was in middle school, and have loved photography most of my life.
  • I want to write contemporary YA novels, which are my favorite. I’ve been working on a few for the past decade or so.
  • My latest WIP is a YA novel featuring the theme of loss, and I’ve been loving working on it so far. I can’t wait to share what I write with the world!
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