Fall Girls’ Clothes

Target and Old Navy have the best fall colors this year, I’m basically drooling.

Let me level with you: I’m not good with introductions. I’m full of cool ideas and things I want to share with you, but selling myself is not my forte. Having said that, I want to post more about the things I buy and that we use and wear. So here goes nothing.

This past week, I went shopping for fall clothes and shoes for my daughter. She already has some things in her size (hand-me-downs, things from Spring) but since I take approximately 30 billion pictures, I tend to like buying her pieces that will look nice for the season and photograph well.

I found some really, really cute pieces that I want to share with you, in case you’re in the market for some girls clothes, too.

This ribbed long sleeve shirt with a cutesy yellow floral pattern.
And this shirt in the same style with muted cheetah/leopard print.
This thermal long sleeve shirt with a knot in the front, which comes in my favorite fall color this year.
The cutest ribbed jogger/leggings I’ve ever seen.
This dusty rose long sleeve with cheetah/leopard print.
This adorable matching set (which is actually sold in two separate pieces in store, the top of which doesn’t have the OLD NAVY logo on it…) of tie dyed sweats.
These turquoise flowery leggings with a kind of “lazy brush strokes” vibe.
This adorable long sleeve shirt with the sweetest encouraging print.
These cute dream chaser leggings, with gold lettering on the side.
These adorable lattice hem leggings, also in my favorite fall color this year.
This ribbed long sleeve shirt with fun yellow, blue, and cream-colored stripes.
This yellow striped tee with flutter sleeves.
This heart pattern tee with flutter sleeves.
These sweet daisy-covered leggings.

These pieces make sort-of a capsule wardrobe- a lot of the pieces can mix and match. The colors coordinate really, really well.

I also couldn’t find a lot of sweaters/cardigans in stores for girls, which I think is pretty odd, but I got this ridiculously cute one from Target. They didn’t have it in her size in-store, but they did have it online.

I also snagged these two cute pairs of shoes. The pink corduroy-style are from Target, and I grabbed the leopard print Converse from Kohl’s.

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