Goals for 2021

I really, really don’t want to get ahead of myself. After everything 2020 brought, I desperately hope that I won’t jinx it.

Having said that, I think most of these goals are fairly simple and attainable, nothing is reaching too terribly high. Some of them are a bit more abstract or holistic, while others are a little more pointed and specific.

write more

In 2020, I published 3 book reviews. This year I hope to post at least six, which is double what I did from June-December, but also feels extremely conservative. I read at least six books this past year.

I spent a significant amount of time working on my three YA novel WIPs. I have over 19,600 words for one of them, 4,000 toward another, and only a few hundred toward the third. I fleshed out the outlines for all three, but of course they still need a little tweaking (and in the case of the 3rd, a tremendous amount of work). I hope to make some progress on all of those, and I’d like to add a minimum of 2,000 words to any of those pieces this year.

take more pictures / create more art

This year I want to take a minimum of one picture every day.

As much as I have learned from other photographers and from classes I have taken, I still have almost zero confidence with indoor lifestyle photography. In March I took a crack at this before the summer brought warmth and sunshine, and I did take some photos I really love. But then summer came and I took photos mostly outside. When the cold and darkness settled back in for the late fall and winter, I never brought my camera back out.

I want to learn to harness the natural light from windows and bend the artificial light from my home (and maybe some help from studio lights…) to my will to create beautiful pieces like I have seen so many other photographers do.

To allow myself a very small amount of flexibility with this, I won’t beat myself up if I skip a day. I’ll just make sure to spend more time behind the camera the next day.

I’d also like to take a few more self (+child) portraits this year.

support the endeavors of people I care about

Honestly, I try to do this all the time. But I haven’t always had the means. I haven’t always had money, or a (very small) platform by which to share things. And I haven’t always remembered to keep supporting people in their endeavors.

This year, I want to support the poets, bakers, hat-makers, book-writers, and everything in between. I want to share their art, buy their goods, review their work, and spread the word.

I don’t want to underestimate the power of “word of mouth” this year.

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