My 2020 Most Listened on Spotify

One of my first posts here was my 2019 Most Listened playlist, so this only seems fitting.

  1. Memories – Maroon Five
  2. What a Man Gotta Do – The Jonas Brothers
  3. Daylight – Maroon Five
  4. Back to You- From 13 Reasons Why – Selena Gomez
  5. Golden – Brandon Beal (feat. Lukas Graham)
  6. Rhythm of Love – Plain White T’s
  7. July – Noah Cyrus
  8. Father and Daughter – Paul Simon
  9. Mama Said – Lukas Graham
  10. Step Off – Kacey Musgraves
  11. No Other Way – Jack Johnson
  12. Nancy Mulligan – Ed Sheeran
  13. Jane the Virgin- Jane’s Love Song – Geek Music
  14. Wamkelekile – Hot Water
  15. Do You Remember – Jack Johnson
  16. Breathe (2 AM) – Anna Nalick
  17. Build it Better – Aron Wright
  18. The Longest Time – Billy Joel
  19. Better Together – Jack Johnson
  20. Good News – Ocean Park Standoff
  21. The Giving Tree – Plain White T’s
  22. Supermarket Flowers – Ed Sheeran
  23. Losing Keys – Jack Johnson
  24. Play that Song -Train
  25. Hotel Song – Regina Spektor
  26. It’s Your Life – Francesca Battistelli
  27. Go On – Jack Johnson
  28. Boom Clap – Charli XCX
  29. Happy Home – Lukas Graham
  30. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
  31. Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson
  32. Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammer
  33. Tell the World – Eric Hutchinson
  34. I Love You Will Still Sound The Same – Oh Honey
  35. We’re Going To Be Friends – Jack Johnson
  36. Surrender – Natalie Taylor
  37. Where Does the Good Go – Tegan and Sara
  38. Stay With Me – Sam Smith
  39. My Own Two Hands – Jack Johnson, Ben Harper
  40. Love Yourself – Justin Bieber
  41. Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammer
  42. Black Velvet Band – The Irish Rovers
  43. Lullaby – Jack Johnson, Matt Costa
  44. Night Falls (from Disney’s Descendants)
  45. Rivers and Roads – The Head and the Heart
  46. Best Day Of My Life – American Authors
  47. Supposed To Be – Jack Johnson
  48. Moonshadow – Yusuf / Cat Stevens
  49. Good to Be Bad (from Disney’s Descendants)
  50. Queen of Mean (from Disney’s Descendants)
  51. East Northumberland High – Miley Cyrus
  52. Wild World – Yusuf / Cat Stevens
  53. Do What You Gotta Do (from Disney’s Descendants)
  54. Alex’s Song – Grayson Kessenich
  55. What You Wish For – Guster
  56. The First Cut Is The Deepest – Yusuf / Cat Stevens
  57. One Kiss (from Disney’s Descendants)
  58. Lie – Lukas Graham
  59. Again Today / Hiding My Heart – Brandi Carlile
  60. Peace Train – Yusuf / Cat Stevens
  61. Break This Down (from Disney’s Descendants)
  62. Fight Song – Rachel Platten
  63. Queen of Mean / What’s My Name CLOUDxCITY Mashup (from Disney’s Descendants)
  64. Father and Son – Yusuf / Cat Stevens
  65. Ways to Be Wicked (from Disney’s Descendants)
  66. Never Gonna Leave This Bed – Maroon 5
  67. Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran
  68. Morning Has Broken – Yusuf / Cat Stevens
  69. Rotten to the Core (from Disney’s Descendants)
  70. You’re Not There – Lukas Graham
  71. The Night We Met (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) – Lord Huron, Phoebe Bridgers
  72. The Wind – Yusuf / Cat Stevens
  73. My Once Upon a Time (from Disney’s Descendants)
  74. I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan
  75. The Orange and the Green – The Irish Rovers
  76. Lady D’Arbanville – Yusuf / Cat Stevens
  77. If Only (from Disney’s Descendants)
  78. September Grass – James Taylor
  79. The Night We Met – Lord Huron
  80. Where Do The Children Play? – Yusuf / Cat Stevens
  81. It’s Going Down (from Disney’s Descendants)
  82. Chelsea Morning – Joni Mitchell
  83. Love Someone – Lukas Graham
  84. Oh Very Young – Cat Stevens
  85. Evil Like Me (from Disney’s Descendants)
  86. Chillin’ Like a Villain (from Disney’s Descendants)
  87. What’s My Name (from Disney’s Descendants)
  88. If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out – Yusuf / Cat Stevens
  89. You’re Not the Only One (Redemption Song) – Lukas Graham
  90. Space Between (from Disney’s Descendants)
  91. Rock on Rockall – The Wolfe Tones
  92. Cheer Up! – A Great Big World
  93. Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur
  94. You and Me (from Disney’s Descendants)
  95. Mad World (feat. Michel Andrews) – Gary Jules, Michael Andrews
  96. How Far I’ll Go (from Moana)
  97. Some Things Never Change (from Frozen 2)
  98. Amigas Cheetahs (from The Cheetah Girls)
  99. Dance With Me (from The Cheetah Girls)
  100. Promise – Lukas Graham


  • My mother listens to my Spotify on the TV, and loves Cat Stevens (I do, too, but not this much).
  • On Saint Patrick’s Day we listened to a lot of songs on repeat- this is largely where “Nancy Mulligan” came from, and it’s also why “Black Velvet Band” (childhood favorite St Paddy’s day song), “Galway Girl,” “Rockon Rockall,” and “The Orange and the Green” made the list.
  • My kid was obsessed with Cheetah Girls and Descendants this year. Last year it was Aladdin and Frozen 2.
  • Although I still love Lukas Graham, I listened to his/their music much less this year.
  • I listened to my YA WIP playlist on repeat an alarming amount of times while trying to write, and admittedly I made a good chunk of progress.
  • I am surprised that This Is The Stuff didn’t pop up, given how much I played, listened, and sang this song in Spring.
  • I listened to a lot of Jack Johnson as background music this year because it’s calm and child-appropriate and reminds me of teaching 3-year-old preschool. The playlist I use now is the same as the playlist we played at naptime in our classroom back then. It reminds me of twinkle lights and sweet, sleepy kids.
  • I still listen to a lot of the same old crap.
    • Golden by Brandon Beal feat. Lukas Graham was my #5 this year, and my #6 in 2019
    • Rhythm of Love by the Plain White T’s was my #6 this year, and my #13 last year
    • Father and Daughter by Paul Simon was my #8 this year, and my #53 in 2019
    • Mama Said by Lukas Graham (my favorite song) was my #9 this year, and my #2 last year
    • Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran was my #12 this year, and my #3 in 2019
    • Wamkelekile by Hot Water was my #14 this year, and my #50 last year
    • Good News by Ocean Park Standoff (also one of my favorites) was my #20 this year, and my #17 in 2019
    • It’s Your Life by Francesca Battistelli was my #26 this year, and my #30 last year
    • Boom Clap by Charli XCX was my #28 this year, and my #57 in 2019
    • Happy Home by Lukas Graham was my #29 this year, and my #7 last year
    • Love Yourself by Justin Bieber was my #40 this year, and my #49 in 2019
    • Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart was my #45 this year, and my #69 last year
    • Lie by Lukas Graham was my #58 this year, and my #60 in 2019
    • Fight Song by Rachel Platten was my #62 this year, and my #25 last year
    • You’re Not There by Lukas Graham was my #70 this year, and my #16 in 2019
    • September Grass by James Taylor was my #78 this year, and my #11 last year
    • Love Someone by Lukas Graham was my #83 this year, and my #8 in 2019
    • Cheer Up! by A Great Big World was my #92 this year, and my #70 last year
    • Promise by Lukas Graham was my #100 this year, and my #32 in 2019

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