Cooking: Simple General Tso Stir Fry

ingredients lay on a floral table cloth (bell peppers, noodles, canned vegetables, jarred sauce)
cut bell peppers sit beside a knife on a cutting board, a kindle fire opened to a stir fry recipe* sits beside it, ingredients sit behind it
a cutting board with cut bell peppers and a knife atop it

Tonight I felt like making a stir fry, and I’m far from good at it, but it was okay nonetheless. 
First, I chopped up bell pepper. I used about 2 peppers worth, but from 3 different colors (I set about 1 pepper worth aside to use in a cheesy Mexican skillet later in the week.)

a pan with chopped bell peppers and olive oil

Next, I added those to my skillet with olive oil.  (Which I badly photographed because my depth of field was very narrow, I was rushing, and the focus is on a small spot of oil instead of any peppers…)

rice noodles sticking out of a plastic packet

Then I drained the bamboo shoots and water chestnuts and added those.  Evidently I did not photograph this.

steam comes off a pot

I boiled the rice noodles but evidently the secret to avoiding sticky noodles is to cook them hours beforehand, pat them dry, and toss them in oil. I didn’t do that because it didn’t even occur to me until after my noodles came out sticky. Hindsight is always 20/20. 

a can of bean sprouts with several can opener openings and peeling label

Then I started suit frying the veggies. I added the mushrooms and bean sprouts partway through. At the end, I added the rice noodles and jarred General Tso sauce. It was a substantial fight to open these bean sprouts, my can opener kept leaving gouges but not actually opening the thing! But eventually I got it sorted.

stir fry in a pan with a wooden spoon

This dish wasn’t great, but it was okay. I would definitely make changes next time. Like for example, un-sticking the noodles properly and adding something green- maybe bok choy, since I’m not a huge fan of pea pods in my homemade stir fry.

close up of stir fry

* the recipe featured on the kindle in images was not followed. I simply checked it to determine when I should start the bell peppers in comparison to other items.

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