Peony & Peach Photography | My Portfolio

two girls crouch beside an orange chicken next to a chicken coop from the “Cousins” photo series

If you know me, you know I’ve been doing photography as a hobby for about 12 years. I had various point-n-shoot cameras as a middle and high schooler, and I had a decent eye for a teenager.

a newborn’s legs in froggy position with hospital bracelets and umbilical clamp visible from”Fresh 48’s” featuring Jackson

I got my DSLR with my graduation money after graduating high school, when I was 18, about six months before my daughter was born.

two girls (sisters) with faces side-by-side from “Portraits” featuring Jade and Nora

In that time, I have done a lot of personal projects and a few professional shoots.

Over the years I have also taken two courses in photography: Beginning and Advanced Digital Photography. Between these classes and their cool professors and the help of some other photographers both locally and worldwide, I have come to achieve more consistent images and better work all-around.

a girl with cupped hands blows glitter from the “The Sweetest Peach” photo series

You can find my portfolio here, on Adobe Portfolio: Peony & Peach Photography (My Portfolio)

a couple stands on a mountain, laughing at one another from “Portraits”
a baby girl lies on a knitted blanket with fingers in her mouth from “Milestones”

On my portfolio, you will find my professional work (Portraits, Fresh 48’s, Milestones, Engagements, and Maternity) and my creative projects (The Sweetest Peach, Cousins, Candids, and Other Work).

a girl reaches to pick an apple from an apple tree from the “The Sweetest Peach” photo series
a child blows massive bubbles while reaching about their head from the “Cousins” photo series

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